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The Kind Of Politician's Statement That Makes Your Toes Scrunch And Your Skin Crawl - From Kamala Harris - Pathetic American Politics

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY PHILIP WEISS IN MONDOWEISS 'And Kamala Harris is doubling down on her AIPAC support, her spox saying support for Israel is “central to who she...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by chuckman

What Now?

Okay, let everyone take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. 2 and 1/2 years of investigation,'s over, finally over. What the Democrat's have been trying to prove over and over...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by ellie1142545

I found a cheap gas station last night, only $4.139 a gallon

First, we're in the 21st century, so why is gasoline still priced with a 9 at the end? Second, yes right now $4.139 is cheap as most stations are now $4.199 for regular. If I had remember Sunday...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by sfeastbay

Unplanned Trailer

"Planned Parenthood is responsible for an estimated 60 million abortions since 1973....... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by isolateX

Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, and Cable

I am not a huge Slayer fan, but for some reason, I was in a mood earlier this morning. I hadn't had Spotify in awhile, but decided to bring it back. I admit that it was my favorite music/podcast...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by blogmom

Candy & Eggs

Easter is almost here. Hubby & I went to see the local Easter display. It's a tradition for us. As I was there I looked around to see what local candies were there for me to grab up for my fr...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by gingerdoxie

Because That Is What A Grandpa Does

I drove father an hour and a half north to the city yesterday for a very quick check-up at the ophthalmologist. The appointment was for noon but apparently they had called and changed it to 12:30 but...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by ZenofKen

Be that

As the single drop of rain drops upon an unfurling leaf Bringing forth the fresh scent that spring brings Renewing with hope all of the coming days Showing the unique beauty to brighten our days Life...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by tesstruhartz1

My week so far...........

...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by Jollyonehere


Please Come Back It had been snowing for hours when an announcement came over the University's intercom: "Will the students who are parked on University Drive please move their cars so that...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by BrotherDocs

when you misplaced the cell phone

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by ricciw55

(Update) FRIDAY FIVES: $19,800 A Life Changing Amount?

I am behind answering notifications and PMs so just a quick update before we get into Friday Fives for this week, which I am posting early in anticipation of being busy over the next few days. Simon m...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by Imperatrix

first look; the big day

Yes, this is the day "it all comes down,"... But since I know that our corrupt President has colluded with his corrupt AG to peek at the report and selectively release it on a holiday weeken...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by beingnobody

Less Judgement More Kindness Please

Despite the fact that the fight over the cat I briefly mentioned was none of my business, I took a moment or two to read most of the claims made by both sides. Someone found a stray cat, took it in an...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by ButteroseSherry


Musing - In a democracy, musing is an opportunity to think before we act, and not as a replacement for the required action itself...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by udontsay

How Long is a Piece of String

The New Riding Boots..... My father, as I may have said before, was an excellent shoemaker as were his entire family. None of his children took up the trade. Moreover, his entire family were famous f...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by wicklowmick

Making Friends Among Staff & Patients At My Wife's Nursing Home.

Ya have to do a bit of research to find a decent nursing home for a loved one, but when you do it's surprisingly easy to fit in. First of all I remember and use everyone's name, staff and pa...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by smfmystery

Hump Dayeee!

I should go to bed, simply cause I am tired. Seems like I feel like this all the time. We went over the border for cigarettes for himself. I decided a long time ago that what ever he wanted, if it was...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by 4lorac323

Homecoming - A Beyonce Review

Homecoming - A Beyonce Review.Homecoming is a hallmark of Black excellence. From the moment the army of the marching band blowing the trumpets to the entrance of Beyonce the energy is steaming hot. B...... Read More
Posted 5 days ago by Thewritertwo

I Love My Job!

I did non-emergency medical transports all day. Got to see some lovely scenery, and get to know some interesting people. One of them lived in a little enclave that I had never seen or heard of before...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by maggiesnextphase

Candy Bars and Copy Machines

I decided to grace one of your stores this afternoon. It was an office supply store in case you were wondering. It was my first time in one of these, but everything I expected would be in there was in...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Kafkaphony

A Special Toon For Easta!

Chris Hemsworth should play this dude...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Oakie2012

trump: if he wasn't so wrong for America, I would feel sorry for him

Well, once again, the twitter tantrums are coming from the White House. That is no surprise because things are not going the way the man in the White House wants them to go. First of all, Fox News ha...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by scenefromtheleft

FBI Failed to Provide Clinton Campaign Details

FBI failed to provide details on contact with Clinton campaign lawyer: Judicial Watch Gregg Re By Gregg Re | Fox News Trump vows to release full and unredacted FISA warrants, related documents used by...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by us2nomads

Step 5 The Pressure

Step 1 Gift arrives in big box Step 2 Take out big, shiny package from box Step 3 Take food out of package a) 32 ounces of Carnegie Deli pastrami b) 32 ounce of Carnegie Deli's famous sour pickl...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by greatmartin

Things change!

It's his turn.The world lies before him as untread, unspoiled wilderness. He sees it all as pristine forest waiting to be explored. None of the pieces yet fit. There is no meaning. He is driven b...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by tojoclub


Well I had a nice long walk on Sunday. While I was out on the neigbor's land ...out out way out in the back valley the guys on the 4 wheelers found me. Well. I let them find me. 3 guys. 3 guys an...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by LouieLouie


I received a call this morning from my DIL , she told me my X had a stroke and that my son rushed to the hospital to be with him. Son is holding it together but I could hear the stress in his voice wh...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by peacefulthinking

On Being Politically Correct

When my grand kids were living here, I used to tell my son and DIL that the boys needed to have their eyes checked. When they watched TV, they had their noses glued to the set. I'd go in the room...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by AmalaTsering

Bali October 2018 - A Quiet Sunday Walk-about

Sunday mornings (right up to about lunch-time) is always nice and quiet on the streets of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak...the three main tourist areas of Bali. Generally it is because most people are sti...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by Maria

Wednesday Wonder

Yesterday's tune, as much as I love the song, brought back a big ol' crappy blast from my past that I'd just as soon disremember, so it's time for a happy tune! This is my absolut...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by elmo194855

We do need YOUNG & SMART people!

“Today, I saw a video clip of @PeteButtigieg playing classical piano. Another were (sic) he speaks in Spanish. And this one, were (sic) he tells Parisians, he shares their pain — in Frenc...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by GreatGayAuthor

Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom

Gabriele Kuby. The shear insantity of the homosexual and transgender ideology...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by RumpledForeskin

The Mountain Is Is Killing Me

Damn cold has beentearing me down bit by bit.At its worst it was affecing my whole left side, now its my left leg.I am planning on thisbeing my LAST blog..the moutain has beat me...... Read More
Posted 6 days ago by HonkyKong

the stars

quote .. *I.m not certain of anything... but the the sight of the stars at night makes me Dream ....* by Vince Van Gogh x...... Read More
Posted 7 days ago by greenfairy


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